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Three Ways a Website Will Make You More Money
it gets new customers
You know better than I do how much you spend on advertising each month; is it hundreds? Thousands? Between Yellowbook, newspapers, mailings, and flyers, it can really add up. But what is this investment getting you? More and more, consumers use Google and other search engines to find businesses. With a website, if a potential customer searches for your services, your website will Get you noticed - it's a targeted ad that runs 24 hours a day, without the high price tag.

strengthens your marketing
Other marketing can still be important, and becomes even more powerful when you have a website. Whether someone sees you in an advertisement, or hears about you by word of mouth, chances are they’ll follow up their interest with a look at your website. It allows them to see who you are, what you offer, and helps them make a decision to use your services. It's a big help if you have it, and a definite loss if you don't.

creates continued contact
There's nothing like repeat business. Update your site with news or special deals to keep them coming back! With a website, customers can constantly see what's new. More powerfully, you can set up a mailing list to keep in touch with your best customers. Send them newsletters, deals, updates, coupons; anything to remind them you're there and give them a reason to come in.